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Call for Papers First International Agarwood Conference

First International Agarwood Conference

A joint Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNU HCMC) - TRP conference and workshop on Sustainable development of Agarwood and related issues will be held in November 2003 in Ho Chi Minh-City and An Giang-province, Viet Nam. The conference will bring together stakeholders concerned with conservation, exploitation, trade, use and development of Agarwood [products], in order to examine the potential for agro-forestry, market and regulatory mechanisms, Aquilaria in-situ conservation, Agarwood community development close to and in Aquilaria habitat, and sustainability of supplies.

First Announcement


First International Agarwood Conference
Ho Chi Minh City & An Giang Province, Vietnam
November 10 -  15, 2003


Aquilaria trees producing Agarwood, one of the world’s rarest and most valuable natural products, are in danger of extinction. Worldwide deposits in natural forests, presently the only source of this valuable resinous wood, used for incense, perfume and medicine, are running out; yet demand continues to rise.

The Rainforest Project Foundation (TRP) a Dutch based organization has been working for more than seven years to find a way to reverse this trend by designing methods to produce Agarwood in a sustainable way. Using donations and European Commission funds they have succeeded in establishing plantation-based Agarwood in Vietnam and developing technologies to accelerate resin development in Aquilaria trees. TRP believes their approach provides a viable alternative to the present destructive harvesting and a methodology to save the Aquilaria species for future generations.

TRP in association with the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, An Giang University and the University of Minnesota has decided to organize the First International Agarwood conference with a view to sharing their experiences with others involved in the production, processing, marketing and trade of this highly prized natural product known in ancient literature as “ Wood of the Gods”

In order to present advances in science and commerce in all fields related to Agarwood, exchange ideas and formulate solutions, the organizers would like to invite scientists, business representatives, government officials, and others who have a professional interest in Agarwood to attend this First International Agarwood Conference.

The meeting will include presentations by leading international research scientists and businessmen from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States as well as a two-day field trip. This trip will be to the Mekong delta, location of an on-going Agarwood development project implemented by TRP and its local and international counterparts. Site visits will be organized to a TRP nursery, local farmer managed project plantations and Agarwood inducement experiments. An informal workshop will follow in order to exchange ideas and formulate future directions for Agarwood production, processing and marketing.

The Wood of the Gods conference will cover four main topics

A) Ecology and Cultivation of Aquilaria

• Botany, Geography and Ecology of Aquilaria Genus
• Propagation and Management of Aquilaria Trees

B) Sustainable Production Technology

• Mechanisms of Agarwood Formation in Nature
• Artificial Inducement of Resin in Plantation Grown Trees
• Chemistry of Agarwood

C) Conservation and Legal Status

• Protection of Natural Aquilaria Stands and Legal Issues
• Community Participation in Sustainable Agarwood Production

D) Manufacturing and Sale of Sustainable Agarwood Products

• World Markets for Agarwood Products
• Price Trends, Marketing Strategy
• Extraction Technology and Value-added Product Development
• Packing, Labelling and Product Promotion

Additional information:

TRP is a non-profit making foundation. All delegate fees will go towards the cost of running the conference and related development activities. The registration fees will be announced in the second circular.

TRP and its associates would be happy to consider additional sponsors. Such sponsors would be requested to share in the financial costs of running the meeting. If interested please contact the email address given below.

English will be the official language of the symposium but interpreters in Japanese, Arabic and Vietnamese will be on hand to assist delegates from these regions. A conference steering committee will design the program and select speakers.

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More details on the Agarwood conference will follow later. If you want to be on the mailing list or you want to apply, please contact < >

First International Agarwood Conference


Call for Papers First International Agarwood Conference
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